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Meet Edward - a male 6th month old chap who Auntie Ellie has just rescued from a divorcing couple. He was going to go on a one way trip to the vet poor lad.

Arghhhh the stewpid puter wont let me upload anymore - anyway he is a prick eared long legged harelquin chappie. We hope to see him of the journals very soon. There is a picture on mummy facebook account hopparently.

Santa and the Belgium Hare

Mummy asked somebody at work to be Santa at a party - in a very convoluted way John said No. She is still looking for a volunteer.

I must confess that I'm finding it difficult to find the words to describe my feelings at being afforded this theoretically prestigious opportunity. In other circumstances*, I would very possibly consider accepting, but I find that the very thought of christmas inspires feelings of malevolence, discord and illwill to all citizens. With that in mind, I can only conclude that I am not an ideal candidate,and you might struggle to secure the necessary indemnity cover. To compound matters, I've consulted my diary and find that I'm washing my hare that night. It's a Belgian leveret which is due to be released from an oil slick the day before, so I really will need to give it a good wash.
Kris Kringle
*- e.g. in a post-lobotomy scenario


For not posting much these days but mum is busy. They have decided to build an incinerator exactly where mummy didnt want it to be, so she is hardly ever in these days and spends all her spare hours shouting at councillors.

But i have told her this is not acceptable and we have to be allowed on the puter more.  I have put my paw down. THUMP.

Leeds Light Night

As soon as the nights start drawing in and it starts getting darker early, what do those stupid humans do ------------------have a light night where they light up some buildings in Leeds and have theatre in the streets. How stewpid is that - if they had the theatre in the summer they wouldnt need to light up the place to start with.

National Chocolate Week

Next week is national chocolate week. Mummy is getting all excited - fursonally as chocolate is toxic to us buns i think it may be a plan to commit  a bunny massacre by flooding the world with bunny poison.

You have been warned.

Agent 0042 over and out.

(although i am sure marks and spencer chocolate swiss rolls are ok)  

Live Hay'd

Well i am so glad i allowed mummy to go to Live Hay'd as she came back with messages from my darling Inga. It was so nice to smell her again after all this time.

The new house

Hot off the press Mummy has sent some piccies of the new house she is living in. And the bambi's she loves much more than me now.

I want my mummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mummy has left home

She has gone to live in a stately home in Barnsley


I  I sent mummy to the market yesterday as we had nearly run out of herbs. She got three bunches of coriander, 2 bunches of dill, a catering sized bunch of parsley and some brocoli.

Total cost £3.95 - we reckon we are worth it though.

Friends of East End Park has been nominated in the Leeds Citry Council Awards for Excellence - Partner of the Year category.

Mummy reckons it is because of the Lark in the Park event and the band concerts  but  we buns of course know it is because i go to the park as mummys partner. I want  to win partner of the year - i bunder what the prize is, we will find out if we have won on September 9th when it will be announced at the awards celerymony. If mum gets a new frock for the occasion i think i should get a new harness or the buncatraz buggy professionally valeted at the very least.