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Dear Grandma

Hello Grandma,
i have just arrived at my new mummies and everything is lovely, she gave me a carrot and a chew stick, and explained to me that she didn't want to give me anything I hadn't had before because it might give me a funny tummy and it was important this didn't happen becoz she loved me lots and lots. She gave me a cuddle on the bed and lots of people came round to give me a cuddle also, which is good cos I love cuddles.
She was talking about someone called "De-vets" and she said she didn't know what she should ask when I go in for a check hup and hoperation (what is a hoperation Grandma?).
She was also wondering how she indroduces things into my diet so I don't get a funny tummy and where you get havvipro for my first haid kit... and what else I need just incase I get poorly.
I wanted to know who the "other four" are  and how far is christmas because Mummy said I would be fat and spoilt then and I like being fat and spoilt.
Love and dat from your favourite innercity south east massive bun,


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Oct. 28th, 2011 08:31 am (UTC)
Hello Edward

I am sure all our friends on the journals will help you with the questions you have.

Lots of love Cousin Cicely

PS. Avipro will be with you by tea time today mum is sending you some down by train.
PPS - are you related to my grandma Dame Maddie Bun - she is a harlequin too?
Oct. 28th, 2011 12:44 pm (UTC)
Now Edward you need your own journal and WE NEED PHOTO's!

I reckon you have well landed on your paws and welcome to the werld of being a pampurred bun.

I am no expert but Mum always works of the method of only introducing one new thing at a time and only a small amount. So if you wanted to change your food (I like food ..... ALOT!) then continue with what you are used to and just add a few of the new pellets, then slowly change the ratio over a couple of weeks. During this time don't try any other new things. But as I said what do I know?

Avipro is nommy and I still get it at times which may cause me stress, so if going on holiday or when I go to the vets for anything major. So get going as soon as Auntie Sarah sends it to help you adjust. (On line seems to be cheaper last lot I got was from Vetuk.)

Enjoy yourself Edward and make sure you cause as much mess and mayhem as you can.

Bruno (drug addict, ancient, girt beeg black bunny still hellbent on causing much mess and distruction) xxx
Nov. 2nd, 2011 10:22 pm (UTC)
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