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Hi Everybunny - we are back !!!!!!!

Over a year since we last posted and a great deal of hay has been chewed since we last posted. But today mummy got good news and a woman who caused us no end of grief has been locked up in prison. This lady made many aspects of mums life very miserable and invaded her privacy in so many ways, we even moved house because of her ... mum decided therefore  to ask us stop posting in our journal in case the mad asbo woman started causing trouble here online. But yesterday Jeanne Wilding was sentenced to 15 months in prison for breaching her national asbo - so we can start posting in our live journal account again.

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Fame at Last

Even though we don't have a TV my mummy was on BBC look north this morning talking about the fire station closures. She is booked to be on the 1.30pm local news today. 

We are all very excited - but mummy still has issues - see previous entry. 
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At last they have gone.

Thank heavens - Auntie Ellie and cousin Edward have gone home to london. After a week of Edward this, Edward that we are back to normal. Ellie reckpons edward is so furpect he makes Cicely look positively evil. We have however taught him to steal herbs from carrier bags and stuff like that.

Mum has gone back to work too, so we can have a nice quiet day just flop flopping around and chomping on leftovers. We are all so glad chris moose is over for another year.
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Mummy is coming to Somerset

Hey Everybody

Mummy is coming down to Somerset on the weekend of the 27/28th January!!!!!

To Taunton to be precise - Union business but she will hopefully be able to say helo to some of my friends.
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An over heard conversation

I was trialling my new stalking skills and overheard last night a conversation about facebook, it went something like this.

MUMMY: hello david, i say you havent accepted my friend request on facebook yet?

DAVID: Erm no

MUMMY: is there a problem ?

DAVID:  well yes sort of, Sarah your wall is full of rabbits that talk to each other i have seem them on saskias fb account.

MUMMY:  yes - is that a problem?

DAVID; yes i mean its not normal is it - that bibi bunny is a proper head case and i dont undestand that Boogey whats his name at all

MUMMY: but dont you thinks it clever how they are able to  type and use a keyboard - it must be difficult with paws

DAVID:  Yes i suppose it must be really but ........... er 

At this point mummy bursts out laughing and David goes a rather fetching shade of red. I missed most of the rest of the conversation but the words prat, pillock and a few i am far too wel mannered a bunny to type (with my paws with no difficulty at all)
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Bunison - Hopfical Bundustrial Action

After some discussions with her branch (yes it appears mother talks to trees!)  Mummy has said i can accompany her on the picket line where she works  - so come the 30th NOVEMBER  i shall be the first member of Bunison to be an hopficial picket.

I hopparently need  a pawband saying Steward, hi vis jacket  and a placard saying Hopffical Strike.

Happy about the placard but i do hope nobody thinks i am stew material.

I am a strategic member of the team as i know my fans will come and see me - so whilst i entertain the kids giving pawtographs etc mum is going to tell the parents why we are taking industrial action.

Fraternally  yours (and updated to say November  -apologies i am a busy bunny)

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Today the grandhuman is 2 years old - which means Auntie Karen is much much more than 2 years old.

Hoppy Birthday from the Buncatraz Buns + Edward,  and Sarah and Auntie Ellie
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Mummy reckons she is going and strike and picketting.

Picking what exactly and if she strikes me i am reporting her to bunline.
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Dear Grandma

Hello Grandma,
i have just arrived at my new mummies and everything is lovely, she gave me a carrot and a chew stick, and explained to me that she didn't want to give me anything I hadn't had before because it might give me a funny tummy and it was important this didn't happen becoz she loved me lots and lots. She gave me a cuddle on the bed and lots of people came round to give me a cuddle also, which is good cos I love cuddles.
She was talking about someone called "De-vets" and she said she didn't know what she should ask when I go in for a check hup and hoperation (what is a hoperation Grandma?).
She was also wondering how she indroduces things into my diet so I don't get a funny tummy and where you get havvipro for my first haid kit... and what else I need just incase I get poorly.
I wanted to know who the "other four" are  and how far is christmas because Mummy said I would be fat and spoilt then and I like being fat and spoilt.
Love and dat from your favourite innercity south east massive bun,